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· NEST ·

Nest by Paula Rosales has a versatile design which allows to create different compositions that grow as constellations while inviting their users to interact. This collection of chairs, stools, bar stools and puffs has been designed to fulfill the needs on different contract environments such as restaurants, bars, hotels, common areas,… On Nest, the circle becomes the main shape, the common element that connects, attracts and traps. The pieces have been inspired by the fractal harmony of nature, each seat replicates the circular structure on a different scale. Nest has the ability of providing all kind of spaces with a touch of warmth, by generating cozy atmospheres that are favorable to your well-being, from bars where you can have a drink sitting comfortably in a stool to large compositions in common and open plan areas. MISSANA offers different finishings for both the upholstery and the metallic sctructure, offering countless possibilities to fit every project.
Photography: Cualiti