Rapanui System

Rapanui is a system that finds its inspiration in the complex and enigmatic Moai sculptures from the remote Easter Island. The Rapanui system consists of three modules that can function independently or can be combined to create endless possibilities.


Pinewood, plywood board and tablex structure.
Foam CMHR (high resilience and flame retardant) for all our cushion filling systems.
Lacquered beech wood legs.


Module without arms
Width: 60 / Depth: 92 / Height: 75 / Seat: 41
Module with 1 arm
Width: 84 / Depth: 92 / Height: 75 / Seat:41
Module with 2 arms
Width: 108 / Depth: 92 / Height: 75 / Seat:41
Width: 92 / Depth: 92 / Height: 75 / Seat:41
Chaise Longue
Width: 100 / Depth: 152 / Height: 75 / Seat:41
All measurements are approximate and in cm.

Designed by

Pepe is without a doubt the soul of MISSANA and also one of its founders. His designs reflect all the light, the optimism and the cutting-edge his region releases.