Missana and Hey have been working together for some time, but now Hey is being involved in creating the identity for Missana’s new brand, their most experimental brand ever, their relationship consequently has been built up.

LAB:   How did you meet Missana? What did you think when you first heard about the brand?

Verónica:  We started working together a few years ago, but some years before, we had met the brand through Instagram.

We got fascinated by the way they were using colours and by the quality of their products, So, from the very beginning, we thought that Missana was very close to Hey’s line on the way their products were launched 

LAB:   As you know MISSANA LAB is a daring bid, in which their major desire is to be able to produce unique items gathering the handicraft industry and technology together. We would like to bring into reality new products designed by digital artists. What did you think about the fact of being part of this project and about the proposal of creating MISSANA LAB’s identity?

V:   It is a very innovative project which breaks with all the single traditional methods of designing and creating a product.
It tries to join two different worlds coexisting together for years but without having built a partnership yet. But it is just when risks and brave decisions are taken when suddenly innovation emerges. It seems those worlds are very different from each other but in fact and in my opinion, they are more similar than we think, belonging both to the handicraft industry, one to the digital industry and the other one to the traditional one    

LAB:   You have created a lively, versatile and flexible identity. Do you think these features are important for the brand?

V:   Yes, they are because they are the concept of this project. MISSANA LAB is versatile as it collaborates with different artists, flexible because it can respond to any innovative proposals no matter if it is with materials or with experiments and finally lively because it is constantly moving and evolving.

LAB:   The colour plays a leading role on your work, something that we agree with it immediately as colours have always been part of our essence and we do not want to leave that behind for our new brand, MISSANA LAB. What do colours mean to you? What do you want to express with colours?

V:   Colours are an international language for us that everybody understands. Colours express different emotions and when we want to talk about brands it is important to choose them properly as they will speak on behalf of the brand identity

LAB:   Your Hey shop is a clear example of curiosity and forward-looking spirit, without any doubt your leading emblem. Do you feel the curiosity of going into other different disciplines you have never explored before?

V:   Working on projects we have never explored before is always a challenge which allows us to learn a lot and above all to be able to develop synergies with the people who we are collaborating with. At the beginning at Hey shop, we produced items more closely lined up with graphics, but eventually we wanted to go further and explore other fields. So, we started to question ourselves about the different options.
Why couldn’t we produce a silk scarf or a blanket from the poster we had designed? Or why not use our style for a volumetric product?
It was the start of our collaboration with experienced and creative people such as product designers and master craftsmen and as a result we are growing as a team.         

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