MISSANA’s pieces exhibited in the museum IVAM Alcoi

On Friday September 18, the exhibition «Valencian Design (2009-2019) was open at the museum IVAM in the city of Alcoi. “Products for a global world ”, an exhibition curated by Professor Xavier Giner, a specialist in product design, which includes a selection of nearly 200 pieces of the most relevant furniture, packaging, or industrial design made in the last decade in the Valencian Community. Among the selected pieces you can find five of them that belong to our collection designed by Valencian designers.

These are the pieces that you will be able to see exhibited at the IVAM museum in Alcoi until next January 24, 2021.

HUG by Cristina Reyes & Boomerang bar stool by Cardeoli

Edith by Pepe Albargues

Trampolín bench by Cuatro Cuatros

Pause decorative panels by PerezOchando

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